We Are

An Eco-Friendly boutique inspired by global pollution and HERoines. All the fabric pieces are made with recycled plastic from the ocean turning waste problems into fashion. Our fabrics are versatile, reversible, elegant, stretch, soft and breathable, making your body unique with muscular compression and comfort.

Our founder, Pamela Vega

Engineer, Fashion Designer and the visionary behind the GOSH SWIM Brand. She is a Puerto Rican women born on the beach who's obsessed with fashion and has created a fresh new approach to bathing suit design. 


Mission and Vision

  • Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction through the quality of the product, its exclusivity and good service.
  • The vision is for the brand to be recognized as one of the best online sustainable boutiques in Puerto Rico, mainly for its values, creativity, and versatility in designs. Also, be an inspiration for all women to fulfill their proposed goals and their dream of being their own bosses, no matter how much work it takes.
  • We aim to minimize our carbon footprint by using recycled fibers in our fabrics.